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Receive B2B leads of those people who are actively pursuing what you offer right now.

Our B2B Leads Aren't Like Any You've Ever Purchased Before

And that's a great thing!

You'll get qualified B2B sales leads that are generated in a unique and cost effective way regardless of what B2B vertical you're in... from the complex sale to the simple sale. 

Let’s say you had 10,000 companies in your marketplace and they were all sitting in a stadium. By using Identity Resolution and Machine Learning you would know which person, at which company, was actively pursuing what you sell… and you would know this in real time.

Identity Resolution allows you to see, on an individual-person level, all their URL navigation across 5 billion URLs. Every keyword search as well as all of their content consumption.

In short, you would see their entire buyers journey as it happens in chronological order.

One very important thing to note… our Identity Resolution is not simple IP address garbage like some other platforms use.

You would know the specific person, what company they work at, what they’re interested in… all in REAL TIME.

Even more amazing, we can layer in almost any criteria you want to fulfill your "Christmas list" level of prospect. Do you want people who own a certain number of acres? How about they have above a certain # of employees in their company? Tell us what makes up your dream client and we may be able to accommodate that!

You'll even see how far along the buying process they are at: Just starting out, about to make a decision or if their wallet burning a hole in their pocket ready to pull the trigger!

Just think about how that would make your sales team more efficient and the positive impact it would have on your bottom line!

Identity Resolution and Machine Learning are being used in every capacity of revenue generation and every type of business imaginable and has been for years… yet most people don’t even realize Identity Resolution exists.

Facebook, Google and Amazon have used it successfully, and quietly… for well over a decade.

Any company not generating leads this way is playing at a huge disadvantage.

What’s in it for you?

Companies like yours that leverage Identity Resolution and Machine Learning have a significant financial advantage over their competition. Having every buying insight on their entire marketplace, in real time, would allow you to immediately take action by simply picking up the phone or sending an email. You would know who to call, when, and most importantly, why?

No more being in the dark and no more guessing.

Heck, you can even send them a piece of direct mail, listen to a radio ad on satellite radio or watch a commercial on one of the integrated streaming services.

It’s the business trifecta: the right person, at the right time with the right offer.

It gives you a level of profit efficiency you very likely don’t have currently.

Every effort. Every resource. Every person would be pursuing the best financial opportunities 24/7.

Now, that's a competitive advantage!

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