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Case Study #1 : Slashed their Cost Per Acquisition by 50%

The client is in the highly competitive education market and was already spending 7 figures per month on their ad campaign with a very experienced campaign manager. Before using our technology, they had already heavily optimized their complete ad campaign including landing page, ad copy and creative.

Changing nothing but their targeting from their normal ad targeting to our Behavior Tracking, Identity Resolution and Machine Learning, they were able to slash their Cost Per Acquisition by 50%

Specifically, they went from a C.P.A of $40.75 to $20.39 (50% C.P.A reduction).

This resulted in 361 leads and $90,250 revenue in just 3 months from just one platform. Now they can expand to Google, Youtube, Display networks, offline, etc using the exact same data.

Needless to say they are absolutely thrilled!

Case Study #2 : 400% increase in Client Acquisition

The client is a legal firm in New York who already had a functioning lead generation campaign prior to getting started with our technology. They were looking for a specific kind of clientele in a sub-niche of their industry.

The month prior, they received 17 new cases using their ad campaign. 

Again, doing nothing different other than using our data they were able to get 4 new cases in the first 2 days. Was it just a fluke? Did they just get lucky?

What came next was a 400% increase in new cases with not 17 cases per month like before but 17 new cases each week consistently. Wow! How would you like to get results like that? 

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