Want to Know Who Is On Your Website?

Identify your best possible opportunities for increasing revenue right now.

Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels... Eat Your Heart Out!

Our "Super Pixel" deterministically resolves the identity of anonymous website visitors.

Do you know exactly who is on your website?

Sure, you may their I.P address, which browser and device they used, what pages they visited and for how long, but do you know:

  • their full name?
  • every one of their work and personal email addresses?
  • their phone number?
  • the device ID's for ALL their internet devices? (so you can market to them no matter what device they use)
  • all their psychographics?

We do...

Do you think you'd increase your revenue exponentially if you were armed with all that information? 

FACT: Your website visitors are:

  • your greatest probability for profits
  • the quickest path to profits
  • the best use of resources (lowest ad cost and shortest path to purchase)
  • your greatest opportunity TODAY for profits

Problems with “regular” pixels like Google and Facebook,.

  • You don’t own the data (Google and Facebook do).
  • Typically only last for 28 days 
  • Can be erased when someone clears their browser cookies
  • Aren’t able to cross advertising platforms with them (they're not portable)

Conversely, our Super Pixel allows you to:

  • own and control your first party data forever
  • upload your first party data to every major marketing platform to run ads
  • integrate with various media types like satellite radio, streaming TV and direct mail
  • identify exactly who is on your website so you can reach out to them in real time

This gives you greater control, more flexibility and a more efficient sales process so you can increase revenue while reducing ad cost and sales fatigue.

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