Want To Increase Your Lifetime Client Value?

Making more money from each client positions you to dominate your market.

A Higher Lifetime Client Value = More Profit.  

Lifetime Client Value is one of, if not the single most important stats to know in your business.

The business that makes the most amount of money per client in any given marketplace, not only has the highest margin of profit, but they can also afford to pay more to acquire new ones and therefore, put your competitors out of business.

If your competitor makes $3 for every $1 spent and you make $6, you can market more aggressively for new clients. When you market more aggressively for clients, you can "out fish" and capture more in your nets.

So how do you Increase Client Value?

There are many ways to raise the value of your clients but none as powerful and hands-free as what we will do for you.

You could reach out to your client database periodically and try to sell them one of your other products or services that is complimentary to what they've already purchased from you but that presents a few problems.

  • It is time consuming.
  • You have no idea whether or not they have a want or need for it.
  • Even if they do want it, the timing might not be right for them.

What if we notified you whenever a client was InMarket for one of your other products or services that they haven't yet purchased? You'd know that they had a need  and that it was the right time to reach out to them, thus making you more efficient.

Better yet, what if we were able to notify you when your clients were in the market for virtually ANY product or service... even ones you didn't offer? 

And what if we could facilitate a special incentive for them to buy through your referral link while adding value to your client?

It would be Win - Win for everyone!

Your client gets a great deal on something they have shown interest in.

You make more money with zero effort on your part and increase your L.C.V!

We can :

  • handle this for you with no effort on your part 
  • do it in a way that we only ever reach out to your clients (on your behalf) when we already knew they were interested in the offer that we custom created for them

Wouldn't that be amazing? We think so too... and so do many other Fortune 500 companies who do something similar (albeit not nearly as genius, intuitive or automated as the way we do it).

If you would like to discuss this further and put this plan of action into play for your business so you can be more profitable and outspend your competitors, then click the button below and schedule a time on our calendar that is convenient for you. 

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